Distilled Spirits Intolerance

It sucks to not be able to savor your favorite peaty scotch because of the piercing headache it stabs you with. Or, it could be fatigue, aching in your muscles and joints, foggy-headedness, or abdominal pain. All of these symptoms and more can be due to distilled spirit intolerance – you’re not breaking down the naturally occurring chemical compounds that are in spirits because of distillation.

Vinami was originally designed for wine lovers. And, it works amazingly well for people who have trouble enjoying their wine because of the suffering their favorites can cause them.

But, wine and all distilled spirits have basically the same chemical triggers that can cause trouble. There’s no difference in type – only difference in proportion.

Congeners, the naturally occurring chemical residues from fermentation tend to be stronger in distilled spirits when compared to wine. Fusel oils, a congener, add richness and dimension to the taste and aroma of spirits that we treasure.

As a rule, as spirits become stronger, richer, and more complex in flavor – gin at one end and a very peaty scotch at the other – they become more concentrated in these potentially troubling compounds.

Wine Intolerance Triggers
Wine Intolerance Symptoms

Becasue Vinami was specifically designed to improve tolerance to wine is exactly why it works so well to improve your tolerance to spirits including brandy, cognac, rum, and whiskey.

You probably know that particular scotch, port, or brandy that gives you trouble. The frustrating thing is that it’s usually the very same one that is the best of the lot – your favorite. The naturally occurring phenols (tanins) and fusel oils that add so much to spirits are the very compounds that are likely to trigger reactions.

Don’t let distilled spirits intolerance (distilled spirits “allergy”) keep you from savoring your favorites! It is worth considering a trial of Vinami for 6-8 weeks to determine its value for you. Vinami suppports the metabolism of these troublemaking compounds, improves tolerance, and helps you enjoy your personal best spirits.