Common Types of Headaches

According to the World Health Organization, common types of headaches are categorized into migraine, tension, cluster, and medication-overuse headaches.

Chronic Headaches

Importance of Physician Workup

Headaches for which there is no distinct identified cause is common. According to the National Headace Foundation, types of headache include allergy, aneurysm, arthritis, caffeine withdrawal, cluster, eyestrain, exertion, fever, hangover, hunger, hypertension, menstrual, migraine, post-taumatic, sinus, temporal arteritis, temporomandibular (jaw) joint, tension, tumor, and chronic daily type.

Obviously, some of these types can be serious medical conditions – hence the emphasis that any severe and/or persistent headache be evaluated by a physician.

Yet, often no specific cause for headache is determined after medical history, examination and lab testing. What then?

Food & Environmental Triggers for Headache

Often over-looked, but well-documented, causes for headaches are sensitivity/intolerance to chemical compounds in your food and your environment. These chemical compounds are both naturally occurring and man-made and include sulfites, phenols, aldehydes, prostaglandins, tyramine, and histamine.

Exposure to these chemical compounds is through the food you eat and the air you breath.

Many foods have relatively high concenrations of sulfites, phenols, aldehydes, prostaglandins, tyramine, and histamine that can trigger headaches in people who are sensitive to these compounds. The aromatic chemicals that trigger headaches by smell are mainly phenols, aldehydes, and tyramine.

Using Vinami for Chronic Headaches

In cases of chronic headache that have been examined by a physician without a diagnosis for a serious cause, it is worth considering intolerance or sensitivity to these chemical compounds as a trigger. A trial of Vinami for 6-8 weeks can determine if it is helpful for control of headache through improved tolerance to these chemical compounds. Further investigation into the particular food and/or environmental triggers may improve your results further.

Make Headaches Less Mysterious

Learn how chronic headaches can be caused by natural and man-made chemicals in your wine, food and environment. Our six part program will teach you what to look for and how to eliminate headache triggers that trouble you.

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