Biotics Makes Vinami

Biotics Research Corporation (BRC) products have been the backbone of my clinical nutrition practice because of my high standards. I need to know that a nutritional product is sourced, manufactured, and assayed to the highest standards in the industry and that the clinical outcomes are dependable and measurable. BRC products are a professional line and primarily available through physicians practicing clinical nutrition.

The Best of Science & Nature

Their byline is “The Best of Science and Nature” and they have always fulfilled this standard in my practice.

Unlike most “vitamin” companies, Biotics Research Corporation is a primary manufacturer of nutracueticals.

Biotics Quality Control Unit tests of raw materials include identity, potency, biological activity, microbiological, including bacteria, yeast and mold (including aflatoxins) and heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, lead & mercury). Retained samples are maintained of all raw materials and finished products for future testing requirements.

All bulk finished products (tablets & capsules) are inspected and subjected to metal detection prior to being sampled by QC. They are then subject to appropriate disintegration and/or dissolution testing, and potency testing prior to being released to packaging. All liquid and powder products are tested for potency prior to packaging as well.

Finally, microbiological testing is performed on all finished products and document reconciliation is completed prior to being released for shipment.

I was able to arrange for Vinami to be manufactured by BRC because of my long-term relationship with them developing and evaluating formulations. You benefit by having available to you the quality of a professional line formulation made to the specifications from my research and observation.

Yours in Health,


Mark Force, DC