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The Wine Allergy Puzzle

Over ten years ago a patient asked me if I could help her regain the ability to drink wine. She loved drinking wine – especially whites, but had given it up due to adverse reactions. A few years prior she started experiencing piercing headaches, foggy-headedness, and fatigue after a glass of wine or less. The next morning she […]

Benefits of Moderate Wine Drinking

Long lifespan alone is a poor measure of a life well lived. There are other and, arguably, more important measures for quality of life. Maintaining mental and physical abilities that allow independent living free of chronic and degenerative diseases is a more inclusive measure for quality of life.

The Seven Causes of Wine Allergy

What is it about wine? Have you ever wondered why you or someone you know gets headaches or has other problems from drinking wine? Well, a lot of wine experts have written about the problem, proposed all kinds of theories, and fingered a number of culprits. Are any, all, or none of them right? What […]